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Remote Ordering

Remote ordering is now a reality! We successfully process many Rx orders every month from across the country, through the Internet. Isn’t it time you joined the 21st century?

How it works (view video for demonstation): 

1. Enter the patient, frame, Rx & lens requirements.

2. Lab automatically receives orders via the Internet & can immediately process each order within 10 minutes!

3. Lab couriers uncut lenses back to the ECP.

The Advantages are Fantastic: 

  • Lenses are surfaced immediately upon receiving the data.
  • You have perfect decentration on uncut lenses, minimizing the lens thickness and blank size.
  • The whole process reduces turnaround time, giving your practice more credibility for using the most advanced, high-tech equipment.
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If you encounter any difficulties in the process please visit Installation FAQs.