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Payment Of Account

Volume discount applies only when accounts are paid in full by the 15th of the month. Payments by Visa/Mastercard are accepted. Interest charges of 2% will apply on overdue accounts.

Cancellation of an RX

Cancellation of an RX will be at no charge, providing the lenses have not been generated or edged. Otherwise, a 50% net charge will apply

Dr’s Change or Re-do

A 50% discount net on invoice will apply only when the original invoice number is supplied at the timeof the re-order.

Ordering by Phone

All orders placed via telephone will be repeated back. However, in the event that an Rx is incorrect, there will be a 50% net discount for a Re-do.

Remote orders and fax orders are preferred for accuracy.

Return Policy

Lenses will be considered for credit when lenses are found to be defective in material or workmanship, prior to any further processing by the customer

Please include a copy of the original and re-do invoice, along with the item(s) and reason(s) for the return(s).

Non-Adapt Policy – on Progressive only
All requests for the progressive non-adaptations should be returned within 90 days from the date of purchase along with a copy of the original invoice and the re-do invoice number.