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Job Tracking

We offer ECP’s the ability to track their lab orders and its job status via a “live” internet link, thereby eliminating your need to telephone the lab.

  • Job tracking requires no special software or set-up at the ECP’s location, only Internet access.

  • The data provided to the ECP by Job Checking is “live” information

  • Customer Service – Job Checking provides faster service by eliminating unnecessary telephone calls about orders that are being processed without delays. With “live” data, ECP’s can immediately alert their customers about any delays.

  • Better communication eliminates problems.
Not Convinced Yet?
Try a “live” Demonstration Here

For demonstration purposes
1. enter Username = 15
2. enter Password = 15
3. Click on ‘Enter’
4. Once logged in, click on ‘Job Status’.

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*Already set up with remote ordering? Click here to check the status of your job.