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Thank you for choosing OpticalOnline as your remote ordering software.

If you have any problems downloading the Java Runtime Environment or launching OpticalOnline, the following FAQ’s may resolve your issue. If not your optical lab would be best suited to help resolve your problem.

Active-X – Browsers gain features, for example playing movies and sounds, through the addition of ‘mini programs’ – Active-X Plug-ins. A Java application needs an Active-X Plug-in called Java Web Start. If your browser is configured to ‘always ask before allowing installation of an Active-X Plug-in’ your browser will block the automatic installation and request your action by displaying options in the Information Bar. Once you agree to the Active-X Plug-in installation, you may have to left click to resume installation.

Save or Cancel – If clicking the ‘Launch OpticalOnline’ link only offers the option to ‘Save or Cancel’, you need to update your version of Java. Click the link ‘update your Java Runtime Environment’ and follow the installation instructions. Once Java is updated, retry to click the Launch OpticalOnline link.

Firefox and new JRE installation – Firefox is not supported.

Firefox and .jnlp files – Firefox is not supported.

No Links – The links for launching OpticalOnline or downloading the JRE are controlled through JavaScripts embedded in the web page. Your browser is not allowing JavaScripts to run.